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For those who are looking for an adventure, or for something unexpected then Iceland is the destination of choice. It just offers something a little out of the ordinary. Something a little different. The people are warm and welcoming, the nature rugged yet beautiful and the culture is rich and varied. However nothing is as you would expect it to be, and that is why people who visit once often come back. Come and join us on an expedition of discovery and see for yourself what it is that makes Iceland so special.

Ride On - West Fjords, Iceland


There is a large variety of exciting activities on offer. Experience the Northern Lights, hike across the highlands, see whales in their natural environment or simply relax in natural hot spring. There is something for everyone.


Iceland has a vibrant and active culture scene. The country is brimming with creative energy and there seems to be a cultural festival somewhere in Iceland every weekend. Whatever your passion (art, design, music, food) you are bound to find something of interest.

Jólasveinar - Icelandic Yule

National Parks 

Iceland has three national parks and as you would expect they have stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife.

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Travel Guide Iceland – Reykjavík

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