Iceland Travel Tips: Practical Tips for your visit to Iceland

For families

Iceland is a family friendly place to visit. Children are welcome on the majority of trips. With the obvious exception being those that are physically demanding. Children under the age of 12 generally receive a 50% discount for trips, and this discount is sometimes available for accommodation as well.

Iceland Travel Tip

Speaking of accommodation, many hotels, guesthouses and even some Youth Hostels offer family rooms that are designed to sleep up to five people. Cooking facilities usually come as standard with these rooms.

As for activities for children, the first on many childs´list is Whale-watching. The thrill of seeing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat is a thrill to behold. Horseback riding is particularly suitable for children as Icelandic horses are small and naturally good tempered. Riding facilities are widespread in Iceland, so it shouldn´t be too difficult to find somewhere near to where you are staying.

whale watching iceland

A less obvious choice is bird watching. There are several large puffin colonies in Iceland and numerous companies offer cheap tours to them.

Finally, one guaranteed way to keep children busy is in one of the many swimming pools located throughout Iceland. Many of the pools come with water slides and toys for younger children.

swimming pool reykjavik

For Senior travelers

Age is certainly no barrier to experiencing the beauty of Iceland. Indeed, Iceland is becoming increasingly popular with senior citizens. Senior discounts are usually available at museums and major tourist attractions (most tourist attractions in Iceland are free anyway).

One thing to consider is that driving in Iceland can be hazardous, and under certain conditions you will need to be extra vigilant. We recommend consulting with this local company Cars Iceland. They can advise you as to the most suitable vehicle for you based on when and where you are planing on going.

Some of the best places in Iceland (e.g Landmanalaugar) are off the beaten track, and therefore only accessible with a 4WD – and then only with someone with extensive off-road experience. An organized tour is usually a safer bet.


For the LGBT community

Iceland, and Reykjavik in particular is very gay friendly. Every year the annual gay parade attracts thousands of visitors and several prominent cultural figures are openly gay.

There isn´t much of a gay scene to speak of outside of the capital area, but Iceland is a very tolerant society and negative reactions to one´s sexuality are practically unheard of.

gay pride iceland
The main gay and lesbian organization in Iceland is Samtökin ’78, Laugavegur 3, 4th floor, Reykjavík (tel. 552-7878;, which is open Monday to Friday from 1 to 5pm.

Félag STK Stúdenta (FSS), Pósthússtræti 3-5, Reykjavík (tel. 411-5590;,  is the gay and lesbian student organization at the University of Iceland and they welcome e-mails from young visitors.

The Reykjavík Gay Pride Festival usually takes place the first week of August.

travel tip iceland

Travel Guide Iceland Team – Reykjavik

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