Iceland’s Two Wheel Experience

When you experience Iceland on two wheels, you will find it to be rewarding yet challenging. However, exploring Iceland via bike is the best way to see all of the beauty of the country. Keep in mind that the weather can change at any time and sometimes the distances are long. However, if you are a bike enthusiast, you will find that you enjoy riding on the Ring Road, which is one of the well-known highways that cover the country. Alternatively, if you want to be really challenged you could try some of the paths in the highlands, which feature the beautiful Kjölur.

Cycling Iceland

Things to Keep in Mind When Cycling Iceland

When you are not in the urban areas, you will find that there are not many bike paths, which means you will be sharing the road with motor vehicles. The terrain will be hilly and the distance between the urban areas is long, so you need to have the things you need to make basic repairs. Additionally, having a map, GPS and communication equipment is necessary.

Always have protective clothing. You should be prepared for rain and wind so your clothing should be water resistant and warm. Gloves are also necessary because the temperature can drop unpredictably, especially when you go in higher altitudes.

Cycling Iceland

If you plan to travel to the highlands, expect gravel roads, as many of the roads there are not paved. You should not travel alone and sometimes you will run into unbridged rivers. These rivers should never be crossed unless you have taken safety measures. It is recommended that you have a fully equipped bike with shock absorbers.

Cycling Iceland

Lastly, keep in mind that Icelandic nature is fragile. Bikes can cause damage to the environment. Therefore, you need to stay on the path and whenever you need to cross a sensitive spot, pick your bike up and carry it across. In addition, someone needs to know your plans in case of an emergency. You should also write your name in the guestbook before leaving.

bike in iceland

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