Best Restaurants in Iceland

Reykjavik is known as a haven for food lovers. They have local seafood, meat and game, which is why tourists love coming here when they want the very best New Nordic cuisine. Today, this article is going to cover our personal favorite restaurants found in Iceland.

best restaurants iceland

Snaps Bistro

Snaps Bistro is located in the discreet area of Skolavorduholt, which is home to various coffeehouses and the Hallgrimskirkja church, which is known for the breathtaking view that the observation tower provides. When at Snaps Bistro you can enjoy a variety of French Brasserie style dishes that are made with local foods, ranging from French onion soup made with Icelandic Isbui cheese and moules marinières with mussels from the Breidafjordur. According to CNN Travel, this is one of the coolest bars found in Reykjavik.

Location – Snaps Bistro, Þórsgata 1, 101 Reykjavik, +354 511 6677

restaurant reykjavík


If you did not try some of Iceland’s world-class seafood while in the area you would find that your trip is not complete. Fiskfelagið is one of the cozy basement restaurants that serve the best seafood dishes in all of Iceland and they have the best fish dishes from around the world. The building that the restaurant is located in, the Historic Zimsen building, has been around since 1884. When guests come here to eat, they find that the booths are very comfortable, some of the best dishes are the Icelandic salted cod and burnt langoustines, and the Malaysian inspired blackened monkfish with the lobster spring roll.

Location – Fiskfelagið, Vesturgata 2A, 101 Reykjavik, +354 552 5300


DILL Restaurant

You can find the DILL Restaurant secluded in Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik. They are known for utilizing local food and seasonal ingredients in their dishes.

The DILL Restaurant can be found in the Nordic House, which was designed by Alvar Aalto. When guests come here to dine, they experience classic Nordic ingredients that have a present-day twist during lunch. Many guests fine that the meatballs and plokkfiskur hit the spot during lunch. If coming for dinner you will have three course options to choose from available and wine comes on the menu. All of the innovative recipes can make it hard to know what to eat yet the locals recommend the baked rutabaga with cheese foam.

Location – DILL Restaurant, Nordic House, Sturlugata 5, 101 Reykjavik, +354 552 1522 

DILL Restaurant Iceland


Grillmarkaðurinn, also known as The Grill Market, is where visitors go when they want a creative meal that is made with local Icelandic products. This restaurant can be found where the old New Cinema was located and you will notice it because of its artistic and deluxe design, which is composed of Icelandic elements such as water and rock. The lounge area provides customers with a variety of brews and wines, and the décor is modern yet comfortable. The environment is sure to make you relaxed. When here, you have the option of meat, fish and game grill dishes. Many guests love trying the minke whale steak or the reindeer mini burgers.

Location – Grillmarkaðurinn, Laekjargata 2A, 101 Reykjavik, +354 571 7777 

Grillmarkaðurinn Reykjavík Iceland


Perlan is one of the most recognizable buildings thanks to its glass dome shape. There are trees established on the surrounding hillsides and this helps make a unique woodland setting that all tourists love. The restaurant is found on the revolving floor and provides 360-degree views that will astound you. You have access to seasonal four-course menus and buffet style food. Many locals recommend the reindeer meatballs and the wild goose breast and Skyr cake.

best restaurants iceland

Travel Guide Iceland Team – Reykjavík (Iceland)

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