Grettislaug – Fantastic place in the middle of nowhere!

Enjoy a hot bath with a view over the fjord

If you visit northern Iceland we recommend you to try this natural hot bath. The road to get there is not the best, but you can enjoy the beautiful valley driving to the destination.


Gettislaug (named after Grettir the strong) is considered to be on private land and the entrance fee (a whopping $4 a person) was more than reasonable. The temperature in the pools is around 39°, this can vary dependent on weather. Showers and changing facilities are located near the pools.


Beautiful scenery with the mountains on the other side and sea on the other, the tub is just on the sea-shore. If you are in the area, and need to refresh please take the 15 min detour to this place, you can even camp right next to the thermal pool, which would be an added bonus.

Travel Guide Iceland Team – Reykjavík

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