Landmannalaugar Day Tour – Best Day in Iceland!

We actually took our day tour of Landmannalaugar from Reykjavik, not Selfoss, but this is the same small company that offers pick-ups from several cities.

Mike, the owner, picked us up in his jeep and took us on a trip I will never forget. We stopped at a new geothermal plant where we were given a private tour of the facility. Then we drove the long drive to Landmannalaugar, stopping in a few places for photos and snacks. It is a bit far for a day tour because getting there takes about 3.5 hours since the back roads aren’t paved and have quite a few rocks/muddy patches. But the drive was incredibly beautiful and part of the experience for me. (Several of the pictures I’m posting were technically taken along the drive, but I still think of the whole day as the Landmannalaugar experience.)

Mike spent much of the drive telling us all about Iceland’s history, customers, and random interesting facts. It was more like spending a day with a new friend than a tour! When we got to Landmannalaugar he took us on a beautiful hour-long hike up into the mountainside. We had the option to swim in the hot springs, but opted for the hike instead


This was one of the best days of my life and certainly my best in Iceland. I highly advise not attempting to visit/drive to Landmannalaugar on your own, so outside of the peak season this is definitely the best option. Heck, it’s probably the best option regardless! Completely worth every penny and significantly less expensive than competing companies. Take this tour!!!!

Mrs Smarts, Mount Laurel, New Jersey